The Fixturelite Story Fixturelite was created in 2012 by vending, office coffee and Micro Market operators, for operators like you. MicroMarkets are different than c-stores and big box retail, and you need a partner that understands you from an operator perspective. The founders of Fixturelite have nearly 10 years of experience in the automatic merchandising industry, and were early adopters of the MicroMarket concept.

The fixtures were designed around the need for a better retail product, one made specifically for MicroMarkets. Nearly three years after its launch and as a result of working with hundreds of MicroMarket operators both in the Unites States and Canada, Fixturelite is proud to announce the release the of its fourth generation of MicroMarket retail fixtures for 2016.

The original designs were created from challenges and opportunities realized by Fixturelite’s founders, and are improved regularly, based on the feedback and ideas gained through collaborative efforts with people like you, the MicroMarket operator.

Fixturelite’s turn-key solutions have been adopted by independent operators, Fortune 500 companies and every size in between. Fixturelite has partnered with the best of the best logistics, manufacturing, lighting, reprographics, and distribution professionals. All coordinated from one office where all the partners are within reach, helping ensure a positive  experience for you.

With more than 150 combined years of experience Fixturelite and their partners provide a complete solution to you; you bring the kiosk, they provide the rest. This gets you in business, faster! Fixturelite looks forward to further innovation, collaboration, and discovery of new ways to build a better MicroMarket environment with you and your customers in mind, because when it comes down to it, Fixturelite is where success gets assembled.