Fixturelite has partnered with LEAF to offer fast, easy, flexible financing on your MicroMarket retail solution. Our entire range of MicroMarket equipment & accessories is now available with low monthly payments.

Fast, Easy, Flexible Financing for the Way You Do Business

Built on more than 30 years of experience, LEAF has the know-how and resources to finance your new MicroMarket purchase from Fixturelite, with customizable, affordable terms that help you get the most out of your equipment investments. No drain on cash. No bank hassles. No problems.   Just fast and easy financing made for the way you do business.

Five Reasons to Choose LEAF Fixturelite Financing

  1. 100% financing – finance 100% of solution costs
  2. Cash conservation – equip your business without tying up cash
  3. Competitive edge – stay ahead of competition with up-to-date MicroMarket Solutions
  4. Credit preservation – keep other lines of credit open for when you need them most
  5. Flexible payment plans – choose from a variety of payment plans or build your own

Financing vs. Cash and Banks

Cash Payment Bank Loan Equipement financing for fixtures and micro-markets
Rate No traditional interest owed, however, must consider the cost of capital and depletion of cash for future purchases Variable for the term of the contract Fixed for the entire term of the contract
Down Payment 100% of cost deducted from vital working capital Typically 10-30% 100% financing
Credit Impact Does not contribute to building effective credit history that may be needed to secure future lines of credit May report credit issuance to the major credit bureaus Builds positive credit history by reporting to the commercial credit agencies
Lines of Credit May diminish capital requirements that will potentially affect bank covenants Ties up bank lines Frees up bank lines and cash for future use
Turnaround Time Complete ownership immediately, assuming all risk and associated costs 10 days – 4 weeks Less than one  hour
Maximum Load Amount Cash payment may make it difficutl to secure any future loans, having spent capital needed for repayment and any necessary down payment or collateral Up to $2 Million depending on credit and collateral Amount based on ability to repay
Apply Online n/a n/a Get equipped with the latest in Micromarket solutions more quickly and affordably than ever with LEAF financing.


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