Our fixtures help create successful turnkey solutions for micro market owners.

Our selection of attractive, high-quality and modular store fixtures allow you to design a product display that meets your needs. You can easily present the products in your micro market in an efficient and attractive manner that’s guaranteed to catch the customer’s eye and increase product sales.

Base Cabinets / Islands

Showcase your equipment and product with our flexible fixtures designed to meet your needs, whether it’s an office coffee service, micro market or dining environment.

Equipment Surrounds

Our surrounds are a fantastic way to display a freezer, microwave, coffee service or snack display to give them that built-in look that is visually pleasing to customers and gives your market a cohesive look.


An attractive enclosure with a base cabinet adds utility and a stylish element to your display. This multifunction fixture gives you added flexibility.

Retail Displays

Choose from a flexible and customizable range of high-quality retail displays to present products in an attractive and accessible manner.

Let's Start the Conversation

Deciding to move forward with a self-service market is a huge step, and we’ve got the experts and experience to help you design the perfect space. Send your request in and we’ll get in touch to start the process and supply you with a custom quote.