Essentials is designed for business dining or employee break room locations with lower sales volume, or a limited number of customers. Essentials is also a great solution as a satellite destination to a larger micro market or office coffee service station on the same campus. A matching pedestal (shown) with locking rear door for the Micro Market Kiosk is also available.

Where we continue to see success with micro market racking is in conjunction with office coffee service and at the micro market kiosk location. When using racking or tiered retail displays to promote baked goods and pastry items near coffee offerings, sales of both have been known to increase. Incremental sales increased when gum, mints, energy shots, and new or discounted products were placed near the point of sale kiosk.

Steve Orlando, Co-founder of Fixturelite, was named a 2016 Automatic Merchandiser Pros To Know™ award recipient. He was recognized as one of the top individuals leading initiatives to help Fixturelite's customers within the Automatic Merchandising Industry, find solutions and succeed in an ever demanding and rapidly changing marketplace.

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