The Essentials Collection by Fixturelite. A recipe for Micro Market success.

That’s why we went with a cookbook theme for the description of this product! Micro market and unattended retail operators with locations across North America that require a smaller footprint or budget conscious solution, turn to the Essentials Collection. The back and base sections secure quickly and easily to each other, and once that’s done you’re ready to merchandise your market.

Level up to your Micro Market competition with a streamlined look.

The retail displays and racking measure up to the Minus Forty Technologies coolers and freezers shown here and create a streamlined and uniform look.

Merchandise neatly and efficiently with available ad-on features such as LED lighting, graphics and automatic merchandising systems.

The lower portion of the Essentials display is built to last. These retail merchandisers and displays are made with the same quality laminates and craftsmanship that customers have come to trust and expect from Fixturelite.

Several standard colors are typically available for quick-ship orders.

One of the most expensive things to ship via freight is air. That’s why we ship or fixtures flat pack and protect them with quality packing materials. The Essentials Collection ships smart, so you can save.

For more information on The Essentials Collection, or to speak with a one of our knowledgeable Customer Success Enthusiasts who can assist you with your order, head to our Contact Us page.

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