Let us evolve your existing space into a self-service micro market with a high-end feel.
Owner Operator

Today’s workforce values a thoughtful employer that creates an environment designed for their use. As a convenience services business owner, one way to add worth is by creating a unique, upscale, unattended retail experience.

By installing a customized self-service market, you're giving employees fresher and healthier choices. They’ll appreciate having an improved selection and a place to relax so they don’t have to leave for lunch or coffee and run the risk of returning late. With one simple gesture, you can increase employee satisfaction, improve productivity and decrease costly turnover.

Branded Concepts

Not sure where to start when designing your space? Fixturelite staff have thoughtfully created unique design concepts for you to leverage immediately. Whether you're looking for an industrial or coffee shop vibe, want a clean farm-chic feel or need an upscale sophisticated look, we have you covered.

Commercial & Multi-Family Residential

For owners of commercial spaces such as shared workspaces, incorporating an eye-catching micro market custom-designed to appeal to business tenants goes a long way to getting them to embrace your space. Providing a shareable place to relax and meet their fellow coworkers while grabbing some nutritious food is a fantastic selling point for potential tenants who enjoy a relaxing, collaborative environment.

If you own or manage a multi-family residential building, we can help add an atmosphere of sophisticated urban living. Strategically adding a small, customized market or coffee service in a common area is an easy way to foster a sense of cozy community and create added value for residents who will love the convenience and chance to socialize.

Government (BEP)

We have a long history of working with customers in the government sector. If you would like to add a micro market to a government office space, we’re the experts to get the job done. Rest assured, we have the experience to navigate the procurement process and work within other government requirements.

Let's Start the Conversation

Deciding to move forward with a self-service market is a huge step, and we’ve got the experts and experience to help you design the perfect space. Send your request in and we’ll get in touch to start the process and supply you with a custom quote.