A significant part of the framework around plans to return to dining and micro market spaces within the workplace might include a complete redesign.

The conversation around doing so and the “meetings” are happening more and more via video conference platforms. Decision-makers, such as facility services, human resources personnel, and workplace health and wellness committee members are looking to operators and their strategic partners and suppliers for ideas. These groups and executive leadership focus on a few key areas: employer liability, employee safety, and employee happiness.

The operators who prepare for this new way of doing business, will see the most retained, or new business, come their way within the refreshment services space. The business development staff that can display the framework for the current and post COVID workplace through virtual design tools and presentations during online meetings have seen proven success. “The Fixturelite Design Tool is perfect for a Zoom call,” said Steve Orlando, Co-founder of Fixturelite.

This is how business is being conducted and how micro markets, office coffee and pantry services are sold today,” he said. Read more in our recent article featured in Automatic Merchandiser Magazine.

With touchless transactions, and frictionless experiences at the forefront of the tech conversation, micro market payment apps are gaining support. “Operators need to keep up with technology if they plan to survive,” said Steve Closser, Co-Founder of Translucent, the industry’s leading micro market consulting firm. “Apps are gaining acceptance like never before, especially as offices repopulate.” Also, products such as The Pico Cooler by 365 Retail Markets combines their Pico Platform technology and Minus Forty Technologies refrigeration equipment to create a innovative solution that fits well with the challenges we are seeing today.

Finally, customized micro market graphics and visual displays that focus on a message around safety and social distancing will be a new standard addition to just about any business dining space.

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